Benefit from a leading research centre’s unique wealth of knowledge

VASCage Clinical Trials is a business division of the research centre VASCage based in Innsbruck and Vienna. We are an internationally recognised hub for translational clinical stroke research, actively engaged in a diverse array of prestigious national and international programmes. If you want to learn more about VASCage, please visit us at

From science to practical application

For the benefit of society and patients, VASCage bridges the gap between two worlds that are all too often separated: academia and industry.

Our Medical and Therapeutical Expertise

Your unique advantage with VASCage is our comprehensive approach.

We meticulously map out the entire clinical stroke pathway from prevention, diagnosis, therapy, evidence-based rehabilitation and beyond to secondary prevention. You benefit from the unparalleled expertise of our top-tier scientists combined with the collaborative network.

Our Medical and Therapeutic expertise

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Primary and secondary prevention of arteriosclerosis and stroke
  • Acute and post-acute stroke
  • Post-stroke disease management
  • Multidisciplinary trials (rehabilitation, neuropsychology, nursing)
  • Rehabilitation after stroke
    • Cognitive and motor function
    • Aphasia
    • Dysphagia

Our scientific, medical, and regulatory services

You receive highly professional guidance on regulatory affairs and practical assistance at every stage of your clinical study. 

You gain unmatched expertise that ranges from study planning and conducting up to the publication of results.

Our medical specialists help you with their clinical experience, e.g. in defining targeted study endpoints, including surrogate markers for cardiovascular disease.

Together with our partner network, we excel in utilizing cutting-edge methods such as in vivo human vascular phenotyping, imaging, and biomarker analysis.

When you partner with VASCage, you’re not just gaining the services perfect for your needs – you are accessing a wealth of knowledge and experience tailored to elevate your clinical studies to new heights.

Our experienced clinical trials team

Our multidisciplinary team consists of clinical project managers, statisticians, data managers and researchers and medical doctors.

Our knowledge and experience ensure a tailored study set-up and a seamless integration into your clinical development strategy.

You can trust we handle every aspect with precision and expertise.

Austrian Clinical Trial Platform for StrokeA unique network for high quality clinical stroke research. ACTstroke enables seamless, efficient execution of your studies with remarkable speed and efficiency.

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